Concept Design Plans
Concept Design Plans

The outcome of an intensive problem-solving design process that outlines a vision for the design of the exterior form.

Design function is addressed with utmost precision and innovation. It is first presented as coloured floor plans that allow you to visualize the size and layout of all spaces. These plans are then customized according to your special requests and further optimized for function purposes. After the presentation of the plans and your approval of them, we are ready to proceed with the next stage of the design process.

Architecture Exterior Form Design
Architecture Exterior Form Design

Visualisation of design concept through the 3rd dimension to showcase the ultimate shape in the form of 3D perspectives and 3D animation.

After the concept design stage is approved, we turn the presented 2D plans into an animated 3D model, which allows you to visualize your project with the utmost clarity and see how it will look like in reality. You take a virtual tour of your project to feel the space and atmosphere within, along with each line, angle, and shape on the outside. By using a 3D tool, HZMB Architects ensure that you get to fully understand your project before the execution stage is started, leaving you confident and assured about the outcome.

Construction Drawing
Construction Drawing

Coordination of a full set of drawings, i.e. architectural, structural, electrical, sanitary & HVAC, to convert a design concept into reality with no compromise.

HZMB Architects exert every effort to produce comprehensive drawings both quantity- and quality-wise to execute your intricate and complex design to the highest possible standard. The drawings are characterized by high precision and exhaustive detail to facilitate the construction process. Additionally, they carefully coordinate architecture design, structural, and mechanical requirements, which helps avoid any miscoordination issues or clashes during execution. That said, our sets of drawings result in a well-coordinated, full-fledged project ready to be handed over for construction.

Architectural Interior Design
Architectural Interior Design

Architectural structuring of interior spaces in terms of volumes and levels, i.e. accommodating structural & mechanical needs of space while maintaining the project theme. Design is presented through sets of interior working drawings and 3D perspectives showcasing the interior beauty of the project.

Each space is first visualized in 3D format, enabling you to truly understand and feel the interiors of your project. Then, we develop highly detailed interior design working drawings to present each space in terms of furniture, lighting and electrical layout, and internal finishes characteristics. Finally, after the design of the wet areas is completed, it is also rendered into corresponding working drawings, each one showing layout, materials, and lighting.

Site Supervision
Site Supervision

Supervision of design & construction execution, coordination with contractors by our specialized team of engineers.

At this point, we review the project and further design the custom elements that enhance its beauty. Material selection meetings and tenders for construction works take place during this stage since the selection of materials and project budgeting are all parts of our supervision services. We cooperate with you to select and finalize all the materials for your project. Similarly, we cooperate with the best local contractors to ensure that the limits of your budget are not crossed. Site engineers then procure the materials though the contractors and pay regular visits to the construction site to inspect and approve the completed portions of the work order.




  • Project planning and development
  • Space program development, solving layout and space planning issues



  • Comprehensive architectural design – architectural exterior design and architectural interior design
  • Consultation and revision
  • Marketing visualization material
  • Lighting design



  • Kuwait municipality permits
  • Structural design & consultancy
  • MEP (mechanical/electrical /plumbing) design & consultancy



  • Site supervision
  • Construction related consultancy
  • Design office support
  • Materials specification & selection
  • Tender services and BOQ